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Camel Rides & Rentals

How often is it that you can say you rode a camel?

At your request, we can bring a saddle to allow your guests to experience travel aboard these humped mammals. Your camel will arrive with professional handlers that will load and unload riders and lead them safely along a path. 

The camel saddles can seat multiple passengers, as long as the combined weight does not exceed 225 pounds. This allows your guests to ride in pairs, triplets, and even quadruplets, if the group is small enough. Solo riding children must be at least 4 years of age and 36" tall.  

Our camels have been used for birthday party grand entrances, Indian wedding processions, Reality TV series, summer camp skits, advertisements and more. So if you're seeking jaw-dropping reaction or just hours of entertainment for both children and adults, call to reserve your camel today.


The camel accents the exotic zoo, becoming the centerpiece and main topic of discussion. It is rare that most are in the presence of this desert dweller, so it presents what may be a once in a lifetime photo opportunity that always you to capture the memory at close range. The camel can be presented in your yard for birthday parties, to be showcased at High School proms or for educational purposes at other school events, or easily partake in your creative skits and pranks. 

Camels are subject to availability, so call and book early to secure the date and time of your event. 


If you do decide to rent camels for rides, please keep in mind the amount of space that is needed for not only walking the animals, but also for safely loading and unloading of passengers.


A camel is a lot larger than most realize, so it is difficult for customers to determine whether they have enough space and if rides are possible in their target area. The adjoining photograph gives you an idea of what we need to function, as well as what you may need for loading. 


Truck loading requires a parking space (large enough to accommodate our truck and trailer) next to the location you designate for camel rides. Truck loading incurs no additional costs, as the flatbed of our vehicle becomes your elevator to the top.


The camel stairway and loading ramp is the best method for getting over the hump in areas inaccessible to our truck and trailer. It is also the best option for multiple day large events, but can also be used for small parties and photo shoots by request. The stairway is a heavy piece of equipment that must be assembled on site, so it incurs and additional cost of $100.00. Additional charges may apply, if the staging area is more than 50' from our truck and trailer.